Mechanic Industries

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  • Fox Targets Playing Cards
    La vera bellezza è naturale e inafferrabile, molto simile alla volpe. Ispirato all'amore per la natura, Fox Targets Playing Cards abbraccia una bellezza autentica e grezza che riflette il profumo della vita all'aria aperta.
    Pixel per pixel, arte artigianale diretta da Jason Brumbalow e illustrata da Lance Miller. Stampato magistralmente dalla Expert Playing Card Company su un cartoncino premium e realizzato con una finitura liscia e slipstream.
    Non è tutto oro quello che luccica. La vera bellezza è solo sapere dove guardare.
    13,90 €
  • Mechanic SHINER Deck

    New for 2017, we are proud to present the Shiner Deck. Created to celebrate Mechanic Industries' 5th birthday, we have gone all out with a tuck case embossed and wrapped with foil inside and out. The card backs feature our signature flip book animation design which doubles as a marking system. Black and metallic silver inks enhance the design, whilst white highlights make the marking system even easier to read. Card faces are given a luxury feel with metallic inks, court card design is kept standard. Another twist, the Shiner Deck really lives up to its name - the tuck case itself can be used to peek at the card being dealt! This deck handles well and looks great! Printed by USPCC on high quality Bicycle stock with the classic Magic finish. 


    • Flip-book animation and marking system
    • Metallic inks on faces and backs
    • Joker gaffs compatible with Mechanic Industries Grinder coins
    • Luxurious embossed tuck case with silver foil inside and out; can help you peek at cards
    • Printed by USPCC on Bicycle stock with Magic finish

    Flip-book animated marked deck 

    The Shiner Deck uses Mechanic Industries' trademark flip book animation. It works much the same as The Mechanic Deck and VR2 Deck, with some subtle adjustments. In this repeating 13 card back design system, the way the cogs turn allows the user to read the value of each card. The suit indicator has now been enhanced and is simple to read. Your spectators will never suspect you can recognize any card at a glance

    15,90 €
  • Le Nuove Banshees Carta da Lancio

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