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  • Bee Club Special
    Ecco le Bee... tra le carte da gioco preferite dai prestigiatori. Grazie alla loro qualità, alla manegievolezza e al feeling speciale, queste carte da gioco sono da sempre il prodotto scelto dai grandi prestigiatori in utto il mondo, ma anche da molti giocatori professionisti. BEE è un marchio storico di carte da gioco americane, che non può mancare al vero appassionato. Versione Normal Index
    5,90 €
  • 12 Mazzi Bee Club Special
    12 Mazzi di Bee Club Special dorso rosso e blu
    48,00 €
  • Bee Red MetalLuxe Playing Cards By US Playing Card

    Stamped with real metal, Bee® MetalLuxe™ Playing Cards feature brilliant light reflection and ultimate luxury. These Bee MetalLuxe Playing Cards are the FIRST Bee playing cards to use USPCC's MetalLuxe foil back technology. Whether you are playing card games like Poker, Blackjack, or Rummy or using these playing cards to perform magic or cardistry moves... Bee MetalLuxe Playing Cards are ready to amaze!

    • Printed on classic Bee brand cardstock
    • Recolored court cards
    • Stamped with real metal to achieve a dazzling shine
    • Easy shuffling and optimum slide performance
    • Elevate your card night - excellent for Poker, Blackjack, Rummy, Spades, Hearts, and more
    • Perfect for cardistry
    • Printed with non-toxic, plant-based inks
    • Made in USA
    17,90 €
  • Bee Blue MetalLuxe Playing Cards by US Playing Card

    "Bee", the playing card brand that has been a well-respected brand in Casino circles for years, is now available in the coveted MetalLuxe finish! "Bee" MetalLuxe Playing Cards feature the traditional diamond back pattern card back design accented in a gorgeous blue foil. The tuck case features both blue and gold foils for an ultra-premium presentation. Each card back features the traditional "Bee" diamond back design, and is hot-stamped with real metal foil, turning this classic card back into a work of art. All "Bee" playing cards are produced with the classic Cambric finish that only USPC can manufacture which is the finish that casinos and consumers trust for optimum shuffling and card-handling. "Bee" MetalLuxe Playing Cards will be a perfect addition to the collector's assortment or will dazzle players at your next game night.

    • CLASSIC "BEE" DIAMOND CARD BACK DESIGN - These beautiful playing cards feature the classic "Bee" Diamond Back design, in a gorgeous blue metallic foil.
    • HOT-STAMPED WITH REAL METAL FOIL - each "Bee" MetalLuxe Playing Card back is hot-stamped with real metal to create a brilliant reflection for the most luxurious playing card experience.
    • CLASSIC CAMBRIC FINISH - "Bee"'s signature embossing technique that give cards the most superior feel for the best shuffling and card handling experience.
    • PERFECT FOR CARDISTRY - The brilliant shine of light from the blue MetalLuxe playing card backs will make any Cardistry flourish, spring, aerial, or maneuver literally shine on camera or in person!
    • COLLECTOR'S EDITION - This gorgeous deck is the perfect addition to any card collector's set. It looks gorgeous displayed on any shelf or coffee table.MADE IN THE USA - Proudly produced in Erlanger, Kentucky by The United States Playing Card Company
    18,90 €
  • Bee Gold Stinger Playing Cards by US Playing Card

    Premium tuck paper featuring black ionized graphite stock

    Foil and embossing finish on tuck box
    Gold Metallic ink on cards
    Special edition foil seal

    Crushed Premium card stock

    Faces feature faded diamond pattern design and small bees in the corners

    Double backer and blank face cards included

    Made in USA

    14,90 €