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  • BIcycle censored FCKYRBRND

    Bicycle Censored Playing Cards, originally known as FCKYRBRND Playing Cards, was designed for those who want something more unique and different from other playing cards on the market. 

    Printed by the USPCC using their premium stock, the deck also includes an entire custom design, including the court cards, Jokers, and the Ace of Spades. This deck is a Limited Edition release, so once they're gone - they're gone. 

    "Too many decks follow the same basic concepts these days. There isn't too much originality in playing card design. So, I set out to break that pattern and design something original." 
    - Joey Minor

    13,90 €

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  • Play Dead Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle

    Introducing Play Dead Playing Cards, a playful take on a skull-themed deck. It mixes bold line and shape patterns with 3D forms to produce these stylized illustrations. Designed by Steven Harrison and produced by Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Co. Printed by USPCC with the legendary Bee-Crush finish. Limited Edition. Play Dead is a deck designed around the idea that we should never forget to remain playful and stay bold. Keep playing - the game is never over.

    13,90 €
  • Sirius B V2 Playing Cards

    LIMITED EDITION: Only 5000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. 

    Inspired by Sirius B, which is the brightest star in our night sky. 

    The wave design on the deck is a representation of the various rays that travel throughout the universe, such as the light we see, and all the surroundings of the galaxy. The gradient of colors is an embodiment of a celestial vision. They're all pointed 60 degrees to the right, an indication of Sirius B's location relative to Earth. 

    The exterior of the deck is designed in such a manner that you can place three decks in a specific way to display a very cool form. Where you would open the case, you'll find a line of text on the flap: "made on Earth by humans." When this deck is on its way drifting in space, I want the one who gets their hands on this to know whom the proud creators of the deck are!

    • Printed by United States Playing Card Company with Bee stock; Air Cushion finish and thin crushed.
    • Limited edition of 5000 decks.
    • Designed by Adrian Valenzuela.
    • Produced and distributed by Riffle Shuffle Playing Card Co
    14,90 €
  • Surf Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle

    Vivi la tua vita a modo tuo, indipendentemente da ciò che pensano gli altri. Surfboard Playing Cards ti trasmette con coraggio per scegliere il tuo percorso e seguirlo! Ogni giorno, molte persone cercano il posto perfetto per il surf, inseguono l'onda perfetta. Con il mazzo Surf Board, non devi viaggiare in lungo e in largo, tutto ciò che devi fare è lasciare correre la tua immaginazione!

    • Stampato dalla United States Playing Card Company.
    • Finitura AIR CUSHION  con la leggendaria tecnologia BEE-CRUSHED.
    • Edizione limitata di 2500 mazzi.


    16,90 €
  • Mizutama Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle

    Il concetto principale di questo mazzo è ...54 carte con 54 pois! Il numero totale di carte corrisponde al numero totale di punti sul retro. Inoltre, il diametro del punto e lo spessore dei bordi sono gli stessi per un aspetto uniforme.
    Mizutama è disegnato da Motoya Tanaka. Il suo obiettivo è stato di creare un mazzo carino che chiunque possa usare. "Non importa se sono maschi o femmine, maghi, cardisti o collezionisti, l'ho progettato per letteralmente chiunque, quindi ho fatto un sacco di sforzi per renderlo semplice".

    •  Stampato dalla United States Playing Card Co su Premium Stock
    • Crushed stock
    •  Finitura Air-Cushion
    •  Edizione limitata di 2500 mazzi

    10,90 €
  • Skateboard V2 (Marked) Playing Cards By Riffle Shuffle

    LIMITED EDITION: Only 5000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted. 

    Fusing skate culture and magic culture, a story told through the cards. 

    Every single card in the skateboard deck is completely customized. It also comes with free stickers and detailed online tutorials. This deck is created with a Four Way Marking System, a secret "One-Way" design and a double face that includes an almost infinite amount of little cool features. With your imagination, it allows you to create and perform instant miracles with endless possibilities. 

    Printed by USPC, Bee stock, thin crushed, Casino quality for magicians, flourishers and card collectors. 

    Limited edition of 5000 decks, half are gone forever. 

    "I was never a huge fan of fully custom decks until I saw this. Stylish and well designed. Can't wait to get my hands on these." 
    Patrick Kun 

    "One of the most unique and visually entertaining designs I've seen in a long time!" 
    Jeremy Griffith 

    "A deck with such a unique and authentic character, an awesome creation. Chapeau, Kevin." 

    "Some of the coolest Jokers I have seen on a custom deck in a long while. The overall art design is unique and gives the deck a fresh feel." 
    Chris Severson

    13,90 €
  • Bicycle Monkey King Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle
    Bicycle Monkey King Playing Cards by Riffle Shuffle

    LIMITED EDITION: Only 2500 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

    If you know a bit about Asian culture, you have probably heard of the Monkey King. That's right -- it is the cunning-looking monkey that we are talking about. The story of the Monkey King originates from an ancient legend that, along with others, had a strong influence on the Chinese and Japanese culture. Dragon Ball, Pokémon, and Naruto have all been inspired by the original legend's characters. This new design also uses the Monkey King as its theme, showcasing his many mischievous faces throughout the deck. These cards are fun and unique, a great fit for any collection! Printed by United States Playing Card Company with Air-Cushion finish. Limited edition of 2500 decks.

    14,90 €
  • The Watcher Playing Cards
    The Watcher Playing Cards

    Progettato da Adrian Valenzuela, l'artista delle Memento Mori e Sirius B, ecco il suo nuovissimo progetto: The Watchers!

    I guardiani sono lì, ci sono sempre stati e ci saranno sempre, non giudicano, non cercano di correggere il nostro cammino, guardano, aspettano la nostra evoluzione, aspettano che sviluppiamo nuove abilità, che scopriamo meraviglie fino alla fine dei tempi.
    I poligoni rappresentano il modo astratto in cui tutti siamo, le decisioni acute che prendiamo, i solidi muri che costruiamo e la stabilità che realizziamo con il tempo. I toni gialli rappresentano il percorso in cui ci troviamo, i primi passi verso il nostro futuro, questo è l'inizio e stanno guardando.

    • Edizione limitata di 3000 mazzi.
    • Progettato da Adrian Valenzuela.
    • Stampato dalla United States Playing Card Company con cartoncino Bee Casino.

    15,90 €